Croatia is still largely unknown to international tourists. Located in the center of vacational Europe, it offers its visitors plenty oportunities to travel and explore. Coulinairy traditions of Croatia can prove to be an interesting "exploration" topic.
Off the southern coast, the island Brač is well connected to the mainland, and is also a waypoint of many Adriatic sailing routes.
An "in" tourist destination, due to its natural beauty and man-made tourist atractions, Brač offers its visitors whatever they may want from a vacation, from wild parties and clubs to lonely oasi of peace, from ever crowded world famous beaches to yet undiscovered isolated pearls.
In a valley near Postire, an old island town, lies the vilage Dol, and in it our "konoba" TONI.
Because of similar names, people often confuse Dol for Bol, a renowned tourist destination. However, very few of those visitors that come to Dol instead of Bol regret their new "finding". Instead, many repeat their "mistake" on purpose.